Evangelism should be instinctive to the church, a reflex that weaves its way in and through everything else it does together.  Whether in a large gathering or from one soul to another, a church functioning at maximum evangelistic capacity will saturate its areas of influence with the gospel of Jesus Christ.
Optimized-5511226490_b5f9b22632_o If the church is to function as the gospel witness to it’s community , it must be vocal on an individual level.  The church that is most effective in spreading the light of the gospel will be most active in proclaiming the gospel to every unbeliever its members know. When believers are faithful to evangelize in the routine of life, they more naturally gather together in evangelistic efforts that flow beyond their immediate context and into the world.

The gauge of a church’s evangelistic effectiveness is obedience on an individual level. The gospel commission is a call for individual disciples to engage individual sinners. The response of sinners is the work of the Spirit, not the result of our actions. Instead of gauging effectiveness by the response, gauge it by faithfulness to Christ’s commission and proclamation of the gospel.