Adopting an Angel

When you adopt an Angel

The gifts you purchase go to the specific child on the paper angel. For most of the children on our angel tree, the gifts you purchase are the only gifts that your child will receive. The angel you take is only adopted out one time, so when you take an angel, you are the only individual shopping for that child.

What Do I Do?

1. Choose an Angel

2. Shop for the Angel, according to their sizes  and wishes (see WHAT DO I BUY)

3. Return the gifts with the attached code number to the location you received the Angel from. Gifts due back December 12.

What Do I Buy?

Each paper angel has the size that the child wears. It also includes the childs Christmas Wishes.

Our minimum suggestion is:

• One suit of clothing (Shirt/Pants)

• 1 pair of shoes

• Underclothes 

• Coat or Jacket or Hoodie

• 1 or more Wish Gifts the Angel has asked for. We Like to give 1 Primary $25 and up, and 2 Secondary toys $25 and under.

Senior Angels

The paper angel for Seniors will have a picture of a tree. Local Seniors have listed specific items they may need for their household as well as their clothing sizes. We recommend that shoppers follow the same guidelines for purchasing items (see WHAT DO I BUY?) as for child angels.


Please do not wrap any of the gifts (this is an important security measure!
Separate bags should be used for each individual child.
Place all donations for each child into ONE bag if possible.
Be sure to place the Angel Tag with the childís unique numeric code in the bag facing outwards.
*(We suggest taping the Angel Tag to the inside of the bag to be sure it can be easily seen by volunteers at our warehouse.)
If youíre feeling extra generous and would like to purchase more donations than will fit into the bag we encourage you to adopt two children instead!
Donít forget to remove the bottom portion of the Angel Tag for tax receipt purposes!
Wish & Need items are simply suggestions you are in NO WAY obligated to purchase these items.

After we receive your gift, we will place the items in a secure location where they will be processed to ensure your child receives exactly what was purchased for them.

Your child’s family will be contacted. Once the parent of the family arrives local pastors of the area will share The Timeless Gospel Message of Jesus Christ! On behalf of The Salvation Army Staff, Volunteers, and Client Families we Thank You for your generosity!