Mad House Teens

Making A Difference

  • Wednesday:

    Student Worship and Small Group Time at 6:30 pm

Today’s younger generation is called the “Mosaic Generation.”  Most research shows that this generation will leave their faith at or near the age of 18 and a majority of these young adults, after leaving, will not return.  The main reason for leaving and not returning is the lack of a biblical foundation being laid during their childhood experience in the church. Church simply is not relevant in their lives.

AGES: 6th – 12th GRADE

At Gospel Light’s Student Ministry we believe in order for a young person to get that strong foundation they must become disciples and disciple-makers. We believe it is in a small group environment that real, authentic discipleship takes place. Discipleship growth begins in these groups and includes becoming transparent, honest, real, caring, loving, serving other first, and most importantly, developing an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ.

Student Worship Service

Worshiping God is not an adult only activity limited to people over the age of 18. God is desiring worship, praise, and glory from all his creatures, small and great. Gospel Light’s Student Worship and small group time provides teens with the opportunity to experience vibrant worship with their own praise and worship team.  The student worship service begins at 6:30 pm each Wednesday night in the main auditorium.  From there the teens break up into their small groups.

Student Small Groups

Small groups serve as the foundation for community at Gospel Light as well as create an atmosphere where life changing relationships and conversations can occur. Our grade/gender specific small groups meet on Wednesday nights after the Worship time in order to develop true friendships that will stand firm through life’s ups and downs. Most importantly, small group leaders walk alongside students as together we dive deeper in our relationship with and knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Sunday mornings are reserved for teens to attend the main worship service with their parents and friends in order to experience the larger faith community together. A weekly fellowship and  other activities provide an opportunity for additional fun, community service, and personal and spiritual growth.