Baptism Sunday
Baptism Sunday is August 9. If you are interested in getting baptized,
please contact the church office at or at 501-624-5288.

Lord’s Supper

We will be observing the Lord’s Supper Sunday, August 9, during the 9 am
and 10:45 am services. I encourage you to prepare your heart now as we
remember what our Lord and Saviour, Jesus did on the cross for us!

Teen Revolution

Teen Revolution will be August 5-7 here at Gospel Light’s campus in
Hot Springs, AR. Registration is $125 for students staying on campus
and $50 for students staying off campus. The revolution begins at
6:30 pm Wednesday! For more info, visit

Capachi’s Cafe
Help Capachi’s get a new espresso machine! Cash or card donations
are accepted. You can give online at

Kids Light Announcements
1. Promotion Sunday is August 9.
2. Be sure to follow us on Instagram @kidslight_glbc.
3. Download the free Parent Cue App for resources to help
disciple your children.

MAD House Youth Ministry
1. Teen Affirmation Sunday will be August 9.
2. August 19 – Worship by the pool @ the Schroeder’s.
Come cool off in the pool as we grill out and worship our God!
We will leave the church at 5:00 pm, and the activity is free!
You don’t want to miss out on this awesome Back-to-School Bash!
3. For any questions, you can contact our student pastor
Mo Capaci at 501-276-6740. You can also follow @madhouseteens
on Instagram and Facebook for updates and further announcements!

Gospel Light Christian School
1. First day of classes will be August 20.

Champion Christian College
1. First day of classes will be August 20.

Upcoming Dates
Teen Revolution – August 5-7
Baptism Sunday – August 9
Lord’s Supper Service – August 9, 9AM & 10:45AM
Promotion Sunday – August 9
Teen Affirmation Sunday – August 9
MAD House Worship Night – August 19