Is it possible that there is still good reason for “door knocking” to have a place in our evangelistic efforts? Years ago there was a definite purpose, advantage, and result from cold calling or “door knocking”. If you grew up in the “Norman Rockwell” America I did, door to door salesman were very common and a lot of companies sold everything from encyclopedias to pots and pans from house to house. Wives stayed home with the kids and thought nothing of letting a perfect male stranger into their house. So when the church people came by knocking on their doors the natural response was, “Come on in!”Young woman standing in a doorway and talking to a door to door salesman

Times have changed. People hide behind dead bolts, security systems, and even fences with aggressive dogs. No woman in her right mind would open her door to a stranger. 65% of households now have both spouses working. So it made since to the Rubbermaid Company back in the late 1990’s to discontinue their main vehicle for sales; cold calling door to door. Their reasoning…no one is at home and those that are won’t let us in. Very rarely do you see cold calling door to door salesman on any street these days. Successful companies have replaced a culturally out dated method and found other avenues of sales such as the use of the internet.

So the question remains, “Is it possible that there is still good reason for “door knocking” to have a place in our evangelistic efforts?” The answer is “yes”, but in a 21 century format and method. So instead of random cold “door knocking” lets use intentional “Neighborhood Door Knocking” or NDK! God, in his sovereignty, has placed us, His children, in the neighborhoods and areas that we live in for one purpose. It’s not random that you and I live where we live. We live there for the purpose of evangelizing our neighbors and reaching them with the gospel. Next time we’ll start getting practical with how to “door knock” our neighborhood for Jesus.