We’re looking at ways to do successful “door knocking” in your neighborhood. Here are some further ideas:

2. Establish a reputation. Due to the fact that our society has grown more “private” and less community-oriented, it is difficult to know much about your neighbors or for them to know much about you. What message does it send to your neighbors when at least a few times a year, they receive a flyer “from that family down the street,” even if they don’t remember your name? Without being showy, you are letting your neighbors know that there is someone on their street who takes spiritual things seriously. This is a small way in which your light can shine before men (Matt. 5:16).

628x471This simple gesture can cause your neighbors to consider spiritual things. In our rat-race society, how many households on your street give even a brief moment of thought to spiritual things? Even something simple like a flyer on their door or a two-minute conversation with you, in which you hand them an invitation, forces them to give thought (Rom. 1:28). Will they read the flyer or not? Will they think about the conversation or not? Your effort forces them to choose—something they would not have had to think about at all if you never come to their door.