Practical suggestions

If you believe that there is some good in trying to influence your neighbors by “door knocking”, here are some practical suggestions that can enhance the effectiveness of your efforts:Optimized-E468EA88-FAD0-411A-8221954C39433BAE

1. Write your name and address on the material you pass out. By doing this, people can know who and where you are if they have any questions or are interested in spiritual things (remember, their interest may not develop the day that you are on their doorstep).

2. Persistence makes an impression. Do not go to your neighbors’ doorstep thinking that your effort is a failure if they do not respond positively. Simply by making this effort, on a persistent basis (maybe twice a year) you are already accomplishing something—establishing a reputation in your neighborhood. Who knows what doors may be opened when your neighbors can expect some sort of spiritual invitation from you on a regular basis. A convenient time to do this is in conjunction with a gospel meeting at the congregation where you worship.

3. Include a bulletin, tract, or some sort of printed teaching material. If you are distributing invitations to a gospel meeting, then along with that flyer, include some sort of teaching material. If the congregation where you attend publishes a bulletin, select a bulletin that has a variety of articles–some of which your neighbor might agree with and some of which might prick an honest mind. Again, doing this forces people to make a decision (“Will I read this? Will I think about the topic of the article?” etc.). Such efforts will not return void (Isa. 55:11).