* Stream will start Sunday, April 5, 2020 at 10 AM


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Order of Worship (60 minutes)


Word From Pastor Capaci


  • Reading – Psalm 36:5-9
  • Song – “Way Maker”
  • Reading – Psalm 34:1
  • Song – “Yes I Will”
  • Song – “Tremble”

Sermon – “The Church That Won’t Lose Its Power”

  • Acts 12:5-17


  • Numbers 6:24-26
  • Song – “The Blessing”

Discussion Questions For Your Family or Small Group.

  • How should the idea of commitment over convenience cause us to think about the church? (Church vs. country club)(David Livingston, “send the men who would come if there was no road”)
  • Why do you think the church thrives more through persecution and through difficult times?
  • What did James’ execution and Peter’s imprisonment, as taught in Acts 12, motivate the church to do earnestly? Has COVID-19 done this for us?
  • What does it mean that in addition to prayer God wants us to partner with each other as the church?
  • How does our proclamation of what God has done have power in a time of desperation?