logo-lgThe rallying cry of every small group should be: “BORN TO MULTIPLY.” Evangelism that leads to rapid multiplication and ultimately church growth must propel our small group ministry onward. With this focus clearly in view, a small group ministry can experience explosive growth and more effectively win a lost world for Jesus Christ.

A big issue in a lot of small group ministries today in America is the promotion of personal care over outreach. Evangelism is an afterthought, at best. Such a mindset would be unthinkable in the most prominent small group churches around the world. Evangelism, which results in the proliferation of small groups, is the clearest, most distinguishing feature of small group churches worldwide. Of course, group fellowship is always present, but it’s the by-product rather than the major goal.

Evangelism in these churches is the heart of effective small group ministry. Church growth provides the framework for rapid multiplication and evangelism that leads to group multiplication fuels the rest of the church.

The responsibility to evangelize effectively and multiply a small group doesn’t rest on a chosen few. Let’s rely on the Holy Spirit to marshal the entire small group to reach family, friends, neighbors and acquaintances.