We’ll never be who we are designed to be until we learn how to plug into God’s power, grace and love. When we learn that, our lives become Zapped.

During Junior Camp Week we’ll take a look at how we can all be zapped by God’s love. When we are zapped it changes the way we think, the way we treat others, the choices we make. We’re going to journey with Peter and see how he was zapped throughout his life.

Join us for a week of discovery and discipleship at the Timber Lodge Ranch! Our “Power Up” worship time begins each night at 6:15 pm. in the chapel on top of the mountain. During the days the kids will start with their “GOD Time”; where they’ll be taught how to communicate with God. Then they’ll be experiencing a “PLUG IN” time; full of fun activities geared toward preparing hearts and minds for the thought of the day. Finally there is a “CATCH ON” time where application is made from the thought of the day.

Please contact Tim Wharton (501-617-0592) for details.