* Ladies’ Bible Study – Friday’s at 9:00 a.m., at the home of Carolann Capaci.

* Mad House Teens – Wednesday’s at 6:30 p.m.

* Celebrate Recovery – Friday’ at 6:00 p.m

* Ignite Gathering- Wednesday, December 4, at 7:00 p.m. in Capachi’s.

Lottie Moon Offering
This Sunday we begin our Lottie Moon Offering. This is our offering for international
missions given to the International Mission Board. Our goal this year is $5,000, and
we will be taking up offerings over the next four Sundays.

Compact Informational Dinner
Want to know more about Foster Care? Join Compact for an informational dinner
on November, 19, from 6-8 pm.
You can register at https://compact.family/foster-care.html.

Night in Bethlehem
Join us on a 30 minute walk through a live depiction of the sights, sounds, and
smells of Bethlehem the night our Saviour was born. It will be presented by
Hot Springs Baptist Church on December 6, 7, 13, and 14. Each night will have
30 minute walk through. The first one starts at 6 pm, and the last one starts
at 8:30 pm. Please register online at www.hotspringsbaptist.org/nib,
or call 501-760-4744 to reserve your spot.

Adult Choir Christmas Program
Join the choir in celebrating the birth of our Saviour as they perform the
musical Joy!on Saturday, December 14, at 6 pm, and on Sunday,
December 15, at 9 am and 10:45 am. This is a great opportunity to invite
friends, family, and co-workers to come to church with you!

Adult Missions Trip 2020
We still have five spots available for our missions trip to Puerto Rico and St. Croix
with our missionary Mike Coupe. The missions trip will be October 22-29, 2020, and
will cost $1,000. To secure your spot, please see Scott Mercer to sign up.
A $500 deposit will be due April 1st.

Volunteer Receptionist
We are looking for one or two ladies who would enjoy the opportunity to serve in
the church office as a volunteer receptionist one or two days a week. Hours are
flexible. If you are interested, please contact Jamie Wagner
at jamie.wagner@gospellight.org or at 501-624-5288, ext. 121.

Ladies Bible Study
There is a ladies Bible study on Fridays, at 9:00 am, at the home of Carolann Capaci.

Celebrate Recovery
If you are interested in Celebrate Recovery, please contact Chet Johnson at

Kids Light Announcements
1. VOLUNTEERS NEEDED! If you are interested in ministering to and teaching our
children on Sunday morning, please contact Josiah Capaci at
jo.capaci@gospellight.org or at 501-624-5288, ext. 410.
2. Be sure to follow us on Instagram @kidslight_glbc.
3. Download the free Parent Cue App for resources to help disciple your children.

MAD House Youth Ministry
1. Our Christmas Carol Challenge Scavenger Hunt will be December 7.
2. There will be a MAD House ski trip in Eureka, MO, January 2-4.
The cost will be $225.
3. For any questions, you can contact our student pastor Mo Capaci at 501-276-6740.
You can also follow @madhouseteens on Instagram and Facebook for updates and
further announcements!

Gospel Light Christian School
1. Come out and cheer on the Lions as they have home basketball games on Tuesday,
November 19, starting at 4:30 pm. The games will take place in the Champion
Community Center located on 109 W. Belding St.
2. We always have various projects around the school that need to be done.
If you would like to volunteer and help with these projects, contact
Tim Gillespie at tim.gillespie@gospellightschool.com.

Champion Christian College
1. The Champion Tigers Basketball teams are looking for help during the home games
for the upcoming season for both the men’s and women’s games.
They need help with setup, gate, cleaning up after the games, and more.
If you are interested in volunteering for the Tigers, please contact Jesse Byrd
at jesse.byrd@championchristiancollege.com.

GLCS Bball Games – November 19, 4:30 PM
Compact Dinner – November 19, 6 PM
Thanksgiving Day Feast – November 28
MAD House Activity – December 7
Adult Choir Christmas Program – December 14, 6 PM
December 15, 9 AM/10:45 AM