Pastor’s Prayer Line
Our church, college, and school offices just got new phones, and we wanted
to update you on how the prayer line works now. The numbers you used to
dial to listen to the prayer line and to leave your prayer requests are no
longer in service.
The new way to call the prayer line is as follows:
1. To listen to the daily prayer line – call the church number
(501-624-5288) and enter ext. 7
2. To leave your prayer requests – call the church number
(501-624-5288) and enter ext. 8.

Anniversary Sunday
Gospel Light will be celebrating its 29th anniversary, Sunday, June 13!

New Member Connection

Gospel Light will be having its new member connection Monday, June 21,
from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m., at Pastor Capaci’s home. If you are interested
in becoming a member of Gospel Light or learning more about our church,
please join us for dinner and fellowship at 621 3rd St.
Nursery will be provided.

Kids Light Announcements
1. Be sure to follow us on Instagram @kidslight_glbc.
2. Download the free Parent Cue App for resources to help
disciple your children.

MAD House Youth Ministry

1. We will be tubing the Caddo River on June 19. We will be leaving
the church at 10 a.m. The cost is $20 or $15 if you have your own tube.
2. For any questions, you can contact our student pastor Mo Capaci at 501-276-6740.
You can also follow @madhouseteens on Instagram and Facebook for updates
and further announcements!

Gospel Light Christian School

Champion Christian College

Upcoming Dates
Anniversary Sunday – June 13
MAD House Activity – June 19, 10 AM
New Member Connection – June 21
Membership Sunday – June 27