It’s easy to string together a lengthy list of reasons why not to go door-to-door, in some form of evangelistic effort. But, we could also list reasons why most of the lost who hear pastors preach publicly, who are confronted by us on the street or park, who receive tracts we offer, etc. will not be receptive to our efforts. Instead of abandoning these efforts, we usually try to adjust our efforts in these areas in a way that will maximize the potential for good, then we maximize our efforts in those areas, and leave the rest to God (Isa. 55:11).
All of us would probably admit that cold turkey “door-knocking” is not the most productive means of evangelism. Talking with one’s friends, relatives, work associates, etc. (those with whom one has already established a relationship of some kind) is undoubtedly a more fruitful field than door-to-door work. Too many of us seem content to limit all of our preaching to within the walls of the church building and then wonder why we are not reaching the lost in our neighborhoods. If preaching to ourselves is not effectively reaching the community, perhaps we might consider some alternative approaches, including the dreaded, door-to-door evangelism.

Is it possible that there is still good reason for “door knocking” to have a place in our evangelistic efforts? Maybe we could re-focus on a 21st century method of door-knocking: simply covering the homes in your neighborhood. For the next few blogs we’ll consider some biblical principles and practical suggestions relating to neighborhood “door-to-door” evangelism.