Dear Church Family,

I pray you have had a great week as summer is beginning to ramp up.  I’m sending this email to update you regarding the situation with the air conditioner.  The problem was identified and the part was installed when it was received on Wednesday.  The system was running smoothly until Thursday evening when an oil leak started.  Unfortunately, this has caused the air conditioner to shut down.  There is a specialist coming on Monday to help identify what has caused the problem and how to get it fixed.  Please pray with us that God will work in this situation.  Pray for wisdom in the maintenance team and leadership as we diligently work to get everything back to normal working order.  However, because there is no air conditioning, we decided to make an adjustment for our service again this Sunday.

  1. We will continue with the Saturday House of Prayer in the auditorium.
  2. There will be one service at 10 a.m. this Sunday.
  3. We will be livestreaming the service at 10 a.m.; so we encourage you to feel comfortable in staying home because we know the auditorium will be warm.
  4. You are welcome to come and attend.  The auditorium will be open, and we will have a live service, but we understand that the livestream option is going to be best for many.
  5. We will do our best to limit the service to about one hour to be mindful of this inconvenience.
  6. Please continue to be faithful in your giving.  If you normally give in the church service and are not able to come this Sunday, please feel free to stop by the church office next week to give your offering.  And if you give online, please be faithful to do that.  The air conditioner repairs could require some extra expenses; so your faithfulness and generosity in giving during this time is greatly appreciated and encouraged.

I love you all, thank you for understanding!  Whether you enjoy the service online at 10 a.m. or you attend in person, we are looking forward to worshiping our God who always provides together this Sunday.

In Christ,

Jeff Manthe